-Justin Lewis

Compression planning is a proven system that uses 4 powerful steps to cut through the clutter and distractions that can bog down decision making and strategic planning.

In a nutshell, compression planning leverages collaborative time, so you can make better decisions faster than ever before.

The best part about this process is that it gets everybody on the same page, fully involved in the outcome. What’s even more encouraging is this process is actually enjoyable! No more of the boring traditional way where there are back and forths between people (which wastes time), and somebody is in the meeting with drool on side of their mouth from dozing off…. Gregg.

These are the 4 steps of compression planning:

  1. Identify the problem/project you wish to resolve. Create a specific and measurable objective so the team is prepared to work on crucial targeted outcomes. Identifying the NON-purpose is a crucial element. By doing so, the team will discover how to ‘zero in’ on the real problems, issues, and opportunities with greater clarity.
  2. At the session, issues connected to the project/problem are systematically identified and presented in a highly focused manner to keep participants on target.
  3. The team’s diverse knowledge and natural creativity are again utilized to develop a specific plan for turning ideas into action. In this critical step, roadblocks and resources are identified. Crystal clear and specific actions are recorded with a workable timetable. This includes a commitment to a clear-cut communications plan utilizing technology to make communication easy and effective. (Monday.com for example)
  4. Ultimately, these extremely specific responsibilities are assigned to key team members, along with specific tasks and deadlines. This final step ensures all team members will take action on the plan immediately. This also means the project team will take full ownership of the implementation and built-in accountability for the final product.

The goal of compression planning is to cut down on time and make the planning process more efficient and less stressful. In the competitive world of business, every advantage counts. This is an advantage you can’t afford to miss out on.