When I began training for golf, I was told to watch how the pro golfers always end their swings with a pose. The pose was called the “Picture Pose” because they never know which image may end up in the view of the public to be scrutinized or praised. So I put forth the effort with every swing I make to follow through and end with a “Picture Pose.” But, I also learned the pose wasn’t the most important part of this teaching moment, it was everything that led up to that moment. 

I liken this principle of the pose concept to that of an awesome leader. You see, an awesome leader will (1) take the lessons needed to achieve the goal, (2) will follow through on what was learned and take the swing, (3) finish with the “Picture Pose” and watch how it lands. Once it lands they will always (4) step back and assess to determine what they could do differently to make a hole in one the next time. 

I encourage you to remember this simple nugget, as a leader someone is always standing behind you ready to snap a picture of you, what will the image be for which they will remember you by?

On a lighter note—I’m enjoying my journey in becoming an awesome golfer. See you out there! Yes, this is me 🙂